Welcome To The Omniverse

LightForce Omnimedia® is home to some of the most innovative brands on the planet, all of which share the single goal of enlightening, elevating, and energizing the human race.

Our Services

Magic Cap Apparel

Magic Cap weaves high-quality fashion with a mission. From our unique designs to our commitment to psilocybin education, we elevate minds and elevate style, leaving an indelible mark on conscious fashion.

Party USA®


Danny Lucis

Danny Lucis curates profound insights on consciousness, quantum physics, and the art of manifestation. Explore the intricate dance between mind and matter at dannylucis.com. And stay tuned for the podcast…

Mind Power Masters®


Ghost Cops®

This is where the thin blue line meets the ethereal. Our real sworn law enforcement officers are trained to confront the unseen, ensuring that unwanted paranormal visitors find no refuge in this world, or the next.

The LightForce Executive Team

Danny Lucis

Author, serial entrepreneur, and world-renowned Mind Power Master Danny Lucis transcends traditional business concepts to create companies that actually make a difference. His goal for LightForce is to elevate humanity to its rightful place in the Universe.

Armando Salazar

Armando Salazar is a visionary designer, entrepreneur, clinician, and co-founder of LightForce Omnimedia. He oversees day-to-days at LightForce, creates unique designs for Magic Cap, and educates our audience on the benefits of psychedelic therapies. 

Alisha Blanton

Alisha Blanton, aka Indigo, is a multi-faceted entrepreneur, musician, and creative force. With over a decade of experience as a business owner and small business development consultant, Alisha has built a reputation for driving growth and innovation.


We have so many new projects coming down the pipeline. Stay tuned in to this site for new products and services as we roll them out.